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With your best comfort in mind, we make sure that your workplace and home are designed efficiently, and the atmosphere is inspiring, productive and pleasant. Worrying about the atmosphere of comfort and coziness, we do your work and home space inspiring, effective and convenient, and time spent it bringing pleasure. We not only sell high quality furniture and offer the latest created with the latest solutionscientific developments furniture, but also provide high-quality services. With each and everyhen you create a design, we rely on the latest technology and workcollaborate only with the best. We always is constantly evolve, and take pride in what we do.ing. We cherish, appreciate and care about our partners. Office and Home Solutions is the dealer of the leading European furniture manufacturers. It offers furniture for all kinds of spaces on the Cypriot market - office, restaurant, hotel, apartment, home. The furniture from our manufacturers has won the trust of major global brands and pleases their customers ergonomics around the world. The main principle of cooperation with Office and Home Solutions is an integrated approach to working with our clients. This means that we offer a wide range of services to create an optimal working and home environment: from the concept to equipping the premises, from gardening to relocation and subsequent maintenance.



Profim company is a No. 1 Polish expert ion design and ergonomics of office seats acrossin Central and Eastern Europe. ItsThe current positioning is attributed to many years of consistent work and constant development of the company. For 26 years Profimwe have been manufacturing products, which meet the highest standards in terms of ergonomics, quality and design. As a team we are aware of the huge impact that our seats have on the health, wellbeing and work comfort of users. The more pieces of furniture we provide for offices, open space facilities, waiting rooms, front desks, hotel halls or conference rooms the more responsible we feel for their functionality and reliability. Our mission consists in establishing standards of healthy and effective sitting.
NARBUTAS Group is a modern and innovative international company based in Lithuania. Narbutas specialise in design and manufacturing office and related public- oriented furniture. This includes everything necessary for the business environment ranging from reception, desking, storage, executive, seating, lounge furniture and acoustic solutions, toas well as custom-made furniture. Weto provide interior solutions for the perfect workplace. After cCelebrating itsthe 25th year anniversary, the NARBUTAS office furniture brand has become well known, not only within thein Lithuanian furniture market, but also in the UK and Ireland, Benelux, Central Europe and Eastern markets, France, Nordic countries, Germany, and, Russia. Also, it hasand been successfully introduced toentering the Middle East and USA markets. Narbutas is working with clients and partners in 29 countries, and developing projects with professional designers known worldwide.
Colombini Casa
Colombini Casa is the quintessential Italian design furniture brand all over the world. For more than 50 years it has been producing furniture and interior design solutions, focusing on making your home truly yours, an expression of yourself. Colombini Casa purchase raw materials from procurement markets, and processing them into final products in specialized plants. TheirColombini Casa customers can rely on the latest technologies and international certifications, which guarantee to provide high quality, and safe manufactureprocess and goods. Colombini Casa offers families a wide range of reliable and affordable furniture. The brandColombini Casa aimss to satisfy the end-consumers and offer them the chance toof experienceliving a truly unique experience comfort, luxury and Italian elegance. Design, colors and materials of each model define a unique andlook, full of personality look, for each model. Each Colombini Casa product is created withby the passion for furniture and design, alwayswith each new furniture design in line with the latest trends.
Febal casa
Febal Casa - A brand leader throughout the history of the Italian industry, Febal Casa is one of the most important manufacturing businesses in the furniture sector and operates both in Italy and abroad. TIn fact, thanks to a capillary network of dealers, it is present in 40 European countries. Due to theThanks to the experience gained and consolidated at an International level, Febal is currently a highly renowned and respected brand in Italy and all over the world.