Our designers are the best part of a large design team called "Tengo design".

“Tengo design” is a dynamic team of designers, technologists, and project managers driven by a single goal - to create workplaces and spaces that help people achieve their ambitions. Our participation in the project often begins when a client is just looking for a rental space. Designers develop free trial office planning solutions that help to make decisions quickly and confidently. The layout allows assessing the potential of the space, the growth prospects of the company and make the best choice. Our projects help to improve communication in the teams, increase productivity and increase employee motivation

Stages of creating a design project:

Goal Definition At the first stage we study your requirements in order to understand the features, principles and goals of your work. Then we develop specific recommendations and solutions.

Concept creation

At this stage, we will determine the vector of the project - the main design ideas and concepts from which we will build on the subsequent details.


We turn concepts into amazing realistic visualizations that will give you a complete picture of your future office. Details and technical design We correlate the parameters of the created concept with the real conditions of the office space, which, in turn, ensures that all the features of construction, communications and networks will be taken into account when implementing the project.

Technical documentation

Based on the approved concept, we develop a complete set of drawings for the project implementation.