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 Pod Framery pod O

Ideal for one – awkward for two

Framery O is ideal for important calls or video conferences. Have your discussions in privacy without disturbing your colleagues. The pioneering office phone booth delivers an echo-free and comfortable working environment. Installation is fast and the pod is ready to be used the same day it’s delivered

Happily you can design it anyway you like

Framery allows you to design yours to suit your needs from a wide range of useful accessories, fashionable colors and comfortable seating options. Choose what you like and we’ll make it happen.

Superior sound insulation

Quality materials deliver on the acoustic promises. A combination of sustainably sourced materials, patented technology and signature design creates an award winning result. So, no matter how noisy the office, you always have a place to concentrate

It’s handsome – inside and out

The much admired signature design of Framery office phone booths fit naturally in open offices. Our color schemes and accessories to fit all styles and needs, while sustainable high-quality materials guarantee a quality user experience.

Fresh air feeds happiness

Patented innovations make Framery office phone booths happy places to be. Inside it’s always quiet and the air is always fresh.

Excellent ergonomics

Put your laptop on the table, sit comfortably on an adjustable stool and do your thing. Colors and accessories are customizable.

Step into the soundproof world of video conferencing

Framery O is also available in the Video Conference Ready variant. A tilting screen bracket and the LED lighting surrounding the screen provide optimal conditions for video conferences, with the control panel enabling you to adjust the lighting and airflow inside the pod.

Exterior material

Painted sheet metal or brushed stainless steel.

Sound control laminated glass.

Frame Formica laminate on birch plywood with varnish trim.

Interior material

Solid walls and roof  - A sandwich element of sheet metal, birch plywood, recycled acoustic foam and acoustic felt. An anti-static and stain resistant low loop pile carpet for interior floor.

Table - Formica laminate on birch plywood with varnish trim.


Size - 221 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm (h, w, d) 87 in x 40 in x 40 in (h, w, d)

Regular table size - 13 cm x 70 cm x 28,5 cm (h, w, d) 5,1 in x 27,5 in x 11,2 in (h, w, d)

 Wide table size - 12 cm x 75 cm x 30 cm (h, w, d) 4,7 in x 29,5 in x 11,8 in (h, w, d)

Fire safety

No flammable materials are used in Framery products. The fire safety of all surface materials, upholstery and acoustics materials of the products is tested and classified by either national or international standards. Framery O, Q and 2Q exterior sheet metal panels and sound- control laminated glass are of such quality that they may halt heat and fire. Outer frames with laminated surface are IMO certified (French Maritime Authority). Acoustic foam used meets B-s1, d0, EN 13501-1, acoustic felt EN 13501-1 and floor carpet Cfl-s1, EN 13501-1 requirements.

Molded foam used in the Tovi stool seat meets CA TB 117:2013 requirements. Fabric used meets the performance requirements of BS EN 1021-1 and 1 021-2

According to Inspecta, an EU accredited inspection body, there is no requirement to install sprinklers in Framery Q

Seismic safety

In the case of Framery pods and office booths, requirements generally refer to the products’ ability to stay upright in case of an earthquake. If needed, the products can be fixed to the floor with anchor bolts using the leveling glide screw holes in the floor modules. Instructions are available upon request.

Air quality and flow

The indoor air quality of all Framery products is tested by an accredited testing laboratory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and is found to be well within the limits of M1 emission classification. Total air flow in Framery O pod is 21,5 l/s.


Framery products are mainly constructed of birch plywood. All plywood used in Framery products is produced either in Finland or neighboring countries, while all suppliers are required to have FSC or PEFC certification. A majority of the materials used are recycled or recyclable. The acoustic foam and the interior felt used in the products are up to 60–70 % recycled. A significant part of all steel, aluminium and glass used is recycled material. Framery O is highly energy-efficient. When the products are in use, the standard power consumption of Framery O is 13 W. As a comparison, ten Framery O’s use less energy than one 60 W light bulb.


Framery O: Input: 100–240 VAC, 6.0 A, 50–60 Hz /
Output VAC (table socket): 100–240 VAC, 5.6 A, 50–60 Hz

Optional USB Charging: Twin USB Fast charger (TUF) maximum combined output of 5A at 5V DC