Desk Winner split

Desk Winner split

Brand Moll
Warranty 5 years
Price from 870 euro uncluding VAT
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Desk Winner split


Width Winner 116 cm
Depth 70 cm
Height 53-82 cm
Weight 39 kg

Accessories included:

Book support foldable
Magnetic anti-slip feature with ruler and magnifying glass
bag hook

Special features:

Classic leg frame
Complete table width inclinable
3 decor variants available

moll Winner children desk

the table with the multiple possibilities

If you choose Winner, you get more than just a desk. Winner is moll’s extra-value solution. In addition to the book holder, the ruler and the bag hook that come on every moll desk, the Winner has additional highlights.

What makes the Winner so special?

In addition to the wide range of accessories that the winner always has with him, Winner comes in two basic desk models — the Winner and the Winner Compact – in two desktop variants (Winner and Winner Split  – and with two different height adjustment variants. Thanks to attractive decorative elements and a wide range of extension options, the Winner easily adapts to individual needs. Depending on the space needs, age and size of the child, Winner can be easily extended over time without being taken apart. Winner grows with growing needs. So: just relax.

Height adjustment in 2 versions

The moll Winner offers height adjustment in two different comfort versions. The Comfort height adjustment, with a yo-yo device (adjustment range 53 cm to 82 cm) and the Classic height adjustment, moll’s standard manual height adjustment in 10 stages with a proven hook fitting (adjustment range 53 cm to 82 cm).

The Comfort height adjustment allows continuous adjustment of the desk height that can even be operated while sitting. This is made possible by control cable technology that is easily docked onto the right or left side of the desk. It brings the Winner quickly to the desired height.

Easy tilt adjustment

Because there is an optimal angle for every activity, such as writing, drawing or reading, the desktop can be tilted as needed. To prevent backaches, there is no rule for which angle is ideal for which activity. It depends on the individual’s personal feeling. Here you can rely on children’s somatic intelligence — on their innate, intuitive sense of what to do, what feels good for the body, and what is just the right tilt angle.

Winner Split, because there are not only pens and scissors for left- and right-handers.

In everyday life, children often have to deal with everyday objects that have been developed for right-handed use. So left-handed people are faced with a great challenge because they have to change their natural movements.

That is why Winner also offers the Winner Split version. Here one part of the desk top  stays flat and the other part can be tilted. If the desk is used by a left-handed person, the desk top is mounted so that the inclinable part is on the right side .The left flat part serves as a storage surface on which everything important is within reach. If the Winner Split is used by a right-handed person: just mount the tiltable desk top section the opposite way – it is easy to change at any time so that the desk can  be  flipped from left to right up version.

No other children’s desk offers so much standard equipment

It is the small details that make the moll Winner such an outstanding product. Practical touches are the bag hook, the transparent book supports and a magnetic slide lock with a ruler and magnifying glass — books and other items stay in place on a slanted desktop. With Winner, these extras come standard

Color creates changeat the kids desk

Transformation comes standard with the Winner and Winner Compact desk models. Interchangeable color applications ensure that Winner appeals to small children just as much as to young adults. The Winner desk system’s color applications can quickly be replaced, even later on. Six attractive accent colors make for change and variety. At moll, inspiration is in the details. Moll is made in Germany.

Accent colors

Every Winner comes with applications in six different colors. These interchangeable color applications match any taste and are easy to change later on. Depending on current taste, the drawer bar and colored plastic caps can be changed anytime.

In addition to the white desk, the Winner is available with melamine resin covered wood décors — maple and oak — that are extremely durable and free of emissions.