T7 sit-stand desk

T7 sit-stand desk

Brand Moll
Warranty 5 years
Price Price on request
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T7 sit-stand desk

Desk with electric height adjustment


Width 115 cm
Depth 75 cm
Height 56-118 cm
Weight 54,2 kg


Drawer with compartments

Optional six interchangeable color / decorative panels

Optional height adapter +10 cm

Optional Powermanagement with large volume support

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2016

Nominated for the German Design Award 2016

Designer desk moll T7

a life of keeping pace with the times

There is no such thing as a perfect ergonomic posture — neither at the office nor at home. But there is a perfect desk for every activity and every challenge. With its user-friendly operation and unique variability, the moll T7 grows with the user to supremely adapt to every situation. Whether as a home office, a crafts table, a hobby corner in the living room or as a stylish all-purpose desk, the moll T7 offers a healthy, comfortable solution for every situation in life and work. Timeless design is always the ultimate statement: Design for Life.

One electrically height-adjustable table – two sizes

The moll T7 desk is electrically height-adjustable from 56 to 118 cm. To be a reliable partner even when a lot of space is needed, the moll T7 XL has large optional work surfaces in addition to the basic T7 version. Built-in castors in the runners make the desk easy to move, making it mobile within the room. Additionally, the moll T7 has height adjustment to compensate for unevenness in the floor. This makes the moll T7 the perfect solution for any space situation.

Two versions:

moll T7 115 cm wide 75 cm deep

moll T7 xl 150 cm wide 75 cm deep

The moll T7 meets any demand

The moll T7 reliably adapts to any phase of work, home and life. With its electro-motor height adjustment, the moll T7 can easily be turned into a standing desk. This height spectrum makes it a flexible companion in everything you do. Whether as a standing-level table, a writing and hobby desk at ordinary seating height, or as a low coffee table, the moll T7 is always at the level of what’s happening.

Warm, cozy, relaxing — natural wood has a pleasant calming effect, and the color and structure create a very special aesthetic. With its surface of walnut or oak, moll T7 exclusive gives any room a stylish, cozy atmosphere — an environment where work and life best come together.

Perfection down to the smallest detail

The electro-motor height adjustment allows effortless adjustment of the desk height —  with just one hand, when desired. For safety reasons, two-hand operation comes standard.

Thanks to the optional height adapter made of powder coated  cast aluminum, the desk’s basic height can be extended 10 cm.  This feature can be added at any time.

The user-friendly electro-motor height adjustment can be locked  by key for safety.

The built-in auto stop reacts to resistance,  stops the motor and moves the desktop back a bit.