moll Squarefile

Brand Moll
Warranty 5 years
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moll Squarefile

moll Squarefile

Four-sided versatility

With multifunctional accessories and a slim design, the rotatable square column keeps things in stylish order. Its possibilities include use as presentation furniture for exhibition areas all the way to room-height bookshelves.

What makes Squarefile so unique?

Magnet boards, compartment inserts, shelves and a castor set all make the Squarefile unique. This means that Squarefile can be adapted to specific needs. As a square furniture unit, Squarefile can be perfectly placed even in the center of rooms and offers direct access to multiple sides.

Robust and flexible

Each level can hold up to 60 kg and can be extended anytime with add-on levels. For special stability and durability, the levels are screwed on and equipped with 2 mm bumpers.

Magnet board

The boards not only add a colorful accent, but are also magnetic. The panels are made of powder-coated sheet steel and are available in six different colors. They are a breeze to install and go onto any of the levels.

Compartment insert

For storing brochures or flat objects, the compartment inserts are good for subdividing the storage space. They are easy to place in a compartment and divide the storage space into six sections.

Compartment shelf

The shelves are suitable for individually dividing the storage space. The levels can be divided as desired, allowing perfect use of the storage space.

Castor set

To add special versatility to Squarefile, castors are the perfect solution. The castors are easy to install — even later on — and make Squarefile a practical companion that can easily be rolled aside or to the corner, when necessary.