Chic lounge

Brand Profim
Warranty 5 years
Price from 395 euro before VAT
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Chic Air

Chic Air

Profim from 340 euro before VAT

The collection is distinguished by minimalist, elegant design, while the style is dominated by subtle forms that blend perfectly with many di erent spaces. Each element is made with the greatest care, giving the possibility of combining leather with fabric. While the eye is attracted by the light form and thin sections, maximum comfort is still guaranteed. The Chic Lounge chair comprises a metal frame covered in polyurethane foam. It is available with two versions of backrest - low and high. The collection is supplemented by an elegant footrest and cushion. Chic Lounge chairs can be personalized according to your needs, with a choice of a skid-type frame made from a tubular steel, and a 4-strut base. They are also available in various finishes: black, metallic, chrome, white, grey and graphite. The collection was created for relaxation areas, hotel lobbies and other spaces where people need to relax. The chairs are extremely comfortable, encouraging informal meetings over a cup of co ee or a glass of wine. Particularly noteworthy is the F version, which gives a pleasant, gentle rocking motion.